Tashjian Towers Corporation

2765 S. Temperance Ave.
Fowler, CA 93625

Phone: 559-834-4300

Fax: 559-834-4377

Tashjian Towers History

Tashjian Towers Corp. has two divisions to the business. The primary focus is to provide professional engineering services. The manufacturing division is the second division which provides towers.

Karl Tashjian
I worked at Tri-Ex Tower Corporation from 1985 to 2000. While at Tri-Ex, I was the engineer of record for hundreds of towers. While at Tri-Ex, I worked on tower designs for the amateur radio, cellular, FM, TV, AM radio, and the US Army.

In 1997, International Tower was formed from Tri-Ex Towers and S&G Communication. ITI specialized in tall towers for the broadcast industry. While at ITI, the engineering group which I was in charge of engineering and designed several candelabrum towers approximately 2,000 feet tall, 1860' tower 10' face tower in Louisiana, a 1,000 foot tall candelabrum in downtown Atlanta guyed at 35%, along with many other tall heavy towers.

In January of 2000, SpectraSite Broadcast group purchased International Tower Inc. SpectraSite closed the engineering offices at the Tri-Ex plant in Visalia in October of 2000, at which time I began consulting full time. The old Tri-Ex Towers Corp. was dissolved in California so I incorporated as Tri-Ex Towers Corp. in California in Jan. 2002. In Jan. 2003, I changed the name of the corporation to Tashjian Towers Corporation.

Engineering Staff
- Tammy Yrigollen-Lead Designer since 2000
- Juan Martinez- B.S. in Civil Engineering, 4 years with Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Jason Simpson, EIT- B.S. in Civil Engineering

Manufacturing Staff
- Ross Carlisle - Foreman, 15 years at Tri-Ex, 9 years with Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Kevin Collins- Welder, 15 years at Tri-Ex, 9 years with Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Jose Ochoa Jr.- Fabrication -3 years Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Marcos Chapa- Fabrication - 1 year Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Wade Morris- Assembly -6 years Tashjian Towers Corp.
- Brian Cook - Final Assembly- Tashjian Towers Corp.