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Tower Engineering

Tashjian Tower is pleased to submit this introduction letter that details some of our services. We have over eighteen years of experience in the tower industry. We had prepared analysis, documentations and drawing packages for Crank-Up Towers, Self Supporting Towers, Guyed Towers and Monopoles. The combination of high qualification and low overhead allows Tashjian Tower to offer you and your client unparalleled services, we have the ability to effectively address a wide range of structural, defined their nature and significant and develop cost-effective solution.

Tashjian Tower is a firm with an extra ordinary determination to provide superior customer services; we specialize in tower Engineering, Inspection, Mapping, Documentation, Analysis, Co-Location, Foundation Design and Geotechnical services. For your review, we have enclosed a partial list of our services along with associated costs.

Tower Certifications

It is assumed owner provides all available information. The scope of this work consists of a feasibility study for the installation of customer specific equipment on existing towers. The scope of work includes providing six each tower elevations drawings, four sets of tower calculations for the complete tower including the foundation, and three copies of the tower report summarizing the tower findings and recommendations. The report includes tower overstresses if found but does not include the details of the modification to correct these overstresses. Once the owner decides to proceed with the modification, structural calculations are prepared; modification drawings are created, and an estimate of the steel require modifying the tower. The above documentation will be sealed if the tower site is within the one of the states that we are licensed. Our engineers are licensed in Ca., Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Utah, Texas, Idaho, New Mexico, Alaska, NCEES. Reports are completed within 5 to 10 working days depending on backlog.

Up to 100'   Poles, Self-Support and Guyed Towers   $1,800
100' -200'   Poles, Self-Support and Guyed Towers   $2,000
200' -300'   Self-Support and Guy Towers    $2,700 and up

Tower Inspection, Tower Mapping, and Tower Documentation $1200 per site

The scope of work for inspection, mapping, and documentation includes the measuring of member sizes, documenting the antenna sizes, antenna elevation, antenna line sizes and location on tower, guy geometry, visual inspection of the tower, photos of the tower, and field report. The client receives a copy of the field inspection notes and photos if requested. The scope includes conducting field investigation and collecting engineering data.

Tower Foundation Plans (Standard Plans)$500 per Tower

Soils report is to be provided by owner or the foundation design will be based on normal soil. The scope of work includes providing 6 sets of calculations and drawings for the tower foundations including optimizing the size for the tower; reinforcement bars location, size, and weight: anchor bolt locations, in conformance with a customer provided soils report. These standard foundation plans are for standard tower foundations types such as pads, drill and bell foundations, pad to Pier, and straight piers.

Custom Tower Foundation Design (Rock Anchor, Water, Etc) $2,500

The scope of work includes providing six sets of tower foundation plans for custom tower foundation where rock, water, or other soil conditions other than normal soil conditions exists.

Tower Design  $85/ per hr

The design team has many years of experience in designing and modifying towers. The typical design cyclical includes layout, design review, fabrication details, submittal of sealed drawing package, and construction drawing package. The design team has completed a wide range of towers including custom crank up towers, self-supporting towers to 400', guy tower to 2000', tower trailer units, roof top mounts, stealth designs including crosses and stealth panel walls, custom equipment platforms, and custom antenna mounts.

As a tower manufacturer, our design team is aware of the requirements of owners, fabricators, and contractors. Our drawing package are used for obtaining building permits, construction bid walks, construction documents, owners records, fabricator details including weld design, and managers who want their projects on time. We are experience in weld design, galvanized structures, and their effect on warping structures.

The design work is done using Cadkey or Solidworks cad software. Autocad formats can be provided on completion. Full size prints are available on request while 11 x 17 is the normal format.

Tower Site Plans: $2,500 per plus all expenses

The scope of work includes taking survey information, customer supplied data, zoning information and creating a site plan showing all existing and proposed structures. An elevation drawing of the tower is shown on the site plan. Typically these plans are used in the zoning process.

Soils Engineering

Customers scope of work for Geotechnical Services.


This includes all items described in the typical geotechnical specifications. For your information, the price includes two borings, one direct shear test, one consolidation test, five each moisture samples, one chemical analysis, resistivity testing and sieve analysis. The resistivity test adds approximately $500 to the cost above. Four copies of the report will be provided.

Other Geotechnical Tests available are:

Moisture Content Additional borings (after 2) $250 per
Atterberg Limits $125 per
Direct Shear Test $150 per
Moisture Density $25 per
Unconfined Compression Test $100 per
Bulk Samples for sites requiring cut and fill $25 each
Installation of Observation Wells $500 per well 20’ deep
Rock Coring with ROD results $500 per ft
Consolidation Test $150 each
Chemical Analysis $75 each
Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Shear Test $500 each
Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Shear Test $625 each
California Bearing Ratio or R Value $175 each
Expansion Index Test $150 each
Consolidated Drained Triaxial Test $660 each
Additional Copies of Report Sealed $50 per

Please note the above work does not include rock conditions, four-wheel access, or other abnormal soil conditions. The above report is quoted assuming normal soil per TIA/EIA RS 222 Revision F. Normal access is assumed in the above pricing.

Other engineering services available are lease exhibits, tower expert at zoning hearings, public works counter service in central California, minor electrical plans, communication building design, communication equipment slab design, review of manufactures drawings and sealing of plans, obtaining quotes for tower construction work, and tower specification writing. Fees may vary depending on complexities.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.


Karl K. Tashjian
Registered Civil Engineer
President Tashjian Tower Corp.