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Crank up Towers and General Information
Ham and Industrial Crank-Up/Tilt-Over Towers

Crank up tower are dangerous.
The customer shall take precaution with steel objects around power lines, digging holes, ought never place objects (especially human) inside of telescoping towers, and shall read and follow all instructions.

APPLICATIONS: General communications, amateur radio, two-way radio, light cellular antennas, citizen band radio, television, cameras, and environmental monitoring instrument installation.

FINISH: All crank up towers are HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED after fabrication. They are galvanized in accordance with ATSM A123. The towers are galvanized, hot-dipped, after fabrication in molten zinc so that tube legs are zinc coated inside the tubes as well as outside and completely covering all the steel tower. Drain holes shall be kept clear.

MATERIAL: The towers are made of ASTM-36 structural shapes, ASTM A513 Tubing, ASTM A53 Grade B pipe. Hardware is hot dipped galvanized or Stainless Steel. No plated hardware is used.

WELDING: Welding is done in accordance with AWS D1.1 the latest Revision. Welding rod and gas are selected to insure the highest ductility and to insure embrittlement does not accord during the galvanizing process. Certified AWS welders are used and they certification kept on file.


The crank up towers meets the American Institute of Steel Construction standards for steel structures. The concrete design meets the American Institute of Concrete requirement for concrete and reinforcement. The tower design meets the 1997 Uniformed Building Code as stated in the calculations.
Karl Tashjian is a licensed Registered Civil Engineer.

Wind loading is dependent on the wind loading characteristics of whatever is installed on the tower (antennas, lights, instruments, etc.), concrete base size, type of concrete, soil conditions at the base of the tower which can vary due to weather conditions (wet, dry, frozen) and type of soil (sandy, rocky, loam, etc.). Also, maximum expected sustained winds and wind gusts, and icing probabilities The foregoing factors should be considered when installing equipment on the tower.


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The base mount and the tower base are designed so that two bolts may be inserted into the base mount and the tower base while the tower is laying horizontally on the ground. Then the base mount and the tower base are hinged. This allows the tower to be tilted upwards to the vertical position where the final bolt can be inserted, thus locking the tower in the vertical position. The purpose of this design is to make it easier and safer to erect the tower. To access the antenna for maintenance, a tilt over accessory is required to position the antenna in a working elevation.



























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